Use Your Sixth Sense and Become a Squash Jedi

Your sixth sense is an intangible, and often neglected, attribute that can’t be measured; it’s a feeling, a hunch that all great sportsman possess. Some people are born with it in abundance, however, for those that have a lack of the sixth sense you will be relieved to know that it does improve with experience. It’s something that flows through you and can only be felt if you are at ‘one’ with yourself; unflustered, focused and calm.

We’ve all seen the uptight squash player, unable to realise the glaringly obvious moments in a game when it is imperative to start ‘turning the screw’ or be mindful that it’s time to ‘take the foot off the pedal’ to regroup. It’s ‘all or nothing’, ‘high octane’, mindless squash; frantic and rushed. It would come as no surprise to see him dismantled against an experienced player fully in tune with his sixth sense.

I loved the Star Wars movies when growing up, if the truth be known, I still do. I wanted to be a Jedi and be able to use the ‘Force’ which I liken to the sixth sense. For those of you who have never heard of the ‘Force’, it’s a mythical power that connects and flows through everything.

Now imagine a Jedi playing a game of squash; without the somersaults, jedi mind tricks and the ability to move things with his mind. He would be at ‘one’ with himself in tune with his present physical and mental state, the ‘Force’ flowing through his body connecting him to his opponent’s mind. He would have access to his enemies fatigue, emotions… everything! How powerful would that be?

Ok that’s enough of living… a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away!

You may think this isn’t reality but great players do have this ability. They can feel how the game is going; whether they are controlling the rallies or not, whether it is their foe or themselves doing most of the work. They continually assess their own physical state whilst comparing it to their opponent’s. They don’t necessarily worry about who’s winning on the marking sheet. They are more concerned about who’s controlling the rallies because ultimately, they know from experience, that the player dominating the central area wins every time. They have that sixth sense; they intuitively know whether it’s time to start moving up the court to apply more pressure to a wilting opponent or whether it’s the right moment to take a breather throwing up higher balls to create more ‘time’.

Learn to get in tune with your feelings, sense your opponent’s state of being and ‘Feel the Force’ as profoundly stated by Jedi Master Yoda in the epic Star Wars saga.

4 thoughts on “Use Your Sixth Sense and Become a Squash Jedi

  1. hi paul
    great game tonight,
    good write up i will put all this into force on sat at the bowls and then onto the pool game so you and the rest of the lads had better get some practice in .see you saturday,

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