You Must Plan To Reach Your Potential

It’s New Year’s Eve and another new year is almost upon us. Many of us will be excited about our promised, forthcoming, new start. Let’s face it, there’s no better time to ‘box away’ a year that has lacked direction.

We all have things we want to improve in our lives but I’m going to focus on the single most important one – your squash game! Ok you may sense plenty of tongue in cheek within my statement but anyone who is serious about their squash, will rank it pretty high on their list.

Before setting a goal for the New Year, it’s important to know your lifetime goal; your yearly goal is just a stepping stone.

It’s always best to start from the end point, knowing your destination, and chunk back. To emphasise this key point, I want you to imagine that you are about to embark on a car journey from your home to a planned destination. Before setting out, you already know where you are heading. You’ve planned your journey by studying a map… no cheating with sat nav’s! You’ve made a note of all the towns on route. Now, to reach your destination, you just have to follow the directions.

Planning your goals is no different. Think of your destination as your lifetime goal, the towns can be your yearly goals. Break this down even more into quarterly, monthly, weekly and then daily goals. I once read somewhere, the golfer Tiger Woods would ask himself daily the question, “What do I need to do tomorrow to make myself a better player?”. This is extremely powerful especially if you’re mindful of your longer term goals, it’s gives you daily laser-like focus.

From my experience, having rubbed shoulders with the top squash players in the world, they all have one thing in common – they are very thorough in their planning. Nothing is left to chance! It’s not just talent that gets them to the top. Trust me, I’ve witnessed incredible talents never to get into the top twenty in England; they had no direction and focus. There’s no luck involved when the top players achieve their goals; they just simply follow their planned directions and, more often than not, inevitably reach their destination.

Write down your goals and engrain them in your mind. Goal setting is probably the most important skill to help you reach your potential.

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